Homework Help and More

General Help

MARVEL This selection of databases can help you do homework, research product reviews on Consumer Reports, read Maine newspapers, look up craft and knitting patterns, and more! If you need help using it, talk to Sam. 

Dictionary.com A dictionary, thesaurus and translator. 

Citation Machine- Need help citing your sources? This will help you. 

Bartleby Need to look up a famous quotation? Thesauraus? Poems? Want to check Strunk & White's Elements of Style? or Grey's Anatomy? Check this link to see if you can find it here. 

A+ Research and Writing- Helpful tips on writing and researching 

Research Tips- Even more ideas for researching 

Khan Academy- Particularly good at math help, but can also guide you through science, history, computer programming, and other courses.


Current Events 

NOW on PBS In-depth reporting on today's news 

MSNBC NBC's take on the news.

CNN- CNN's website  

ABC News ABC's news network

Washington Post- Newspaper-based reporting that's free

BBC- Sometimes it's good to look at the news from a perspective outside of the US. The BBC is a great place to start. 



Complete Works of Shakespeare- All Shakespeare is at your fingertips.

Project Gutenberg- Free ebooks! Lots of classics. 

Sparknotes- For when you need to remind yourself what that book was about. 

Poets.org- All poetry, all the time 



Geometry- This is math.com's Geometry section, but check the rest out for even more math help.

Visual Calculus- Help with calculus.

WebMath- Help for lots of different math topics.



Periodic Table- A look at the periodic table. 

Cells Alive- A look at cells and how they work 

Biology- A look at different biology topics. 

Physics- A look at different physics topics.

Physics Education- A look at even more physics resources. 

Popular Science Archives- The archives of the magazine Popular Science 

Climate Change- The Environmental Protection Agency's website on climate change.

Global Warming- Information about global warming from NOAA. 


History and Social Sciences 

Native American Resources-  An index of Native American resources on the web.

Congress- US Congress's website, which lets you look up current legislation and members. 

The World Factbook A great resource for information about countries around the world. Maintained by the CIA. 

Today in History- An in-depth look at one thing that happened today, from the Library of Congress.

The Holocaust- Information from the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. 

Illustrated History of the Roman Empire- For all your Roman Empire research needs

Ancient Greece- An overview of Ancient Greece 

Geography Awareness Week A look at geography and food, from National Geographic. 


Extracurricular Help 

Debate Central- Get ready for debate club (or a classroom debate) by looking at the resources on this website.

Speech Tips- For speech and debate or classroom speaking 

Public Speaking- Tips on public speaking. Includes useful apps. 

How Stuff Works- A look at how basically anything works.