Summer Reading Description

Build a Better World! Stop by the library this summer to let us know about your favorite building projects or how you want to make the world a better place. We'll be highlighting lots of different fun activities at the library this summer, all designed to get us building, learning and helping.

The reading portion of our summer reading program is the same as last year. We'll be using a BINGO card to track your reading. The squares will highlight different types of books or reading challenges. You'll get a prize for the first, second and third BINGO, and if you fill in the whole card, you'll get entered into a select drawing with other card completers. This year, you will also get a certificate for completing the program that will allow your child to be eligible to get $10 in a savings account from the Kennebec Federal Savings Bank in Waterville.

 Our summer reading schedule is available here on the website. Generally speaking, programs aimed at ages 0-3 are on Monday mornings at 9:30, ages 2-7 are on Tuesday mornings at 10; programs for elementary school children are on Monday afternoons at 1, and programs for junior high and high school students are on Thursday afternoons at 2. Those that are going into sixth grade may choose to go to elementary and/or teen programs.

 Signing up for summer reading will begin after school ends on June 20.