How to Get a Library Card

Library Cards 
Patrons must obtain a library card in person; we do not issue cards via email or by phone

Library cards are free to all Winslow residents, town employees and property owners.

Only the cardholder whose name appears on the card may check out materials to that card. The only exception to this will be for patrons who have an unexpired Designated Borrower form on file with the library. A note to this effect will appear on their patron record. The cardholder must be present in all other circumstances.

Adult residents are required to provide identification that establishes Winslow residency (driver’s license, addressed mail, etc.).

Children may apply for a card when they reach the age of five or upon entering kindergarten. Children will retain this card until entering the ninth grade when it is updated in the computer to an adult card.

Students who are enrolled in Winslow schools, but who are not residents of Winslow, may also have free library cards.  These will be considered courtesy non-resident cards.

Nonresidents are charged $30 for a new membership and $25 for renewals each year. A nonresident card will allow the holder’s immediate family (household members) to also borrow items from the library. Summer/partial year residents may purchase a card for $10.00 (four months).

Winslow Public School and educational technicians, local nursery, daycare, and preschool teachers, and local librarians and homeschoolers may be issued a Teacher Card.
Privileges extended to patrons with Teacher Cards include:

 Winslow residents who teach in other school districts are eligible for teacher cards.

hirty (30) items which include a maximum of 4 videos/DVDs may be checked out on this card for a period of 28 days, after which fines will accrue. 
Due to the extended length of a teacher’s card, items borrowed on a teacher’s card can be renewed only once for an additional 28 days and only if there are no hold on the items.