How to Avoid Food Waste

Americans throw out 32% of the food they buy. Here's how to avoid so much waste:
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"You saw it at Thanksgiving, and you’ll likely see it at your next holiday feast: piles of unwanted food—unfinished second helpings, underwhelming kitchen experiments and the like—all dressed up with no place to go, except the back of the refrigerator. With luck, hungry relatives will discover some of it before the inevitable green mold renders it inedible.

U.S. consumers waste a lot of food year-round—about one-third of all purchased food. That’s equivalent to 1,250 calories per person per day, or $1,500 worth of groceries for a four-person household each year, an estimate that doesn’t include recent food price inflation. And when food goes bad, the land, labor, water, chemicals, and energy that went into producing, processing, transporting, storing, and preparing it are wasted too."

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