"Safeguarding our community as our family."

To protect with honor, serve with pride.

The Winslow Police Department is a progressive agency committed to offering quality services to residents and visitors. This site intends to inform the community about our services and programs. Additionally, we want to disseminate information regarding public safety and crime prevention.


As members of the Winslow Police Department, we aim to provide a professional, community-oriented police service. We are committed to creating and maintaining an active community partnership by assisting citizens with the identification and solution of problems to improve our neighborhoods. We are dedicated to the protection of life and property as well as the maintenance of order while ensuring fair and equal treatment.

The Winslow Police Department is a proactive agency devoted to excellence. We shall provide this service through accountability and community involvement. We shall maintain a quality of professionalism for employees through training, development, and education with a steadfast emphasis on innovation and improvement.